Matt Trifilo






Full Stack

Universal React applications backed by Node, Express, and MongoDB.


React, Redux, Express, MongoDB, Jest, Standard JS

Create and share polls. Vote in polls made by friends and strangers for the good of data pseudoscience.

Vote is a server-side rendered application using JSON web token based authentication.

Front End

Client-side applications powered by various frameworks, libraries, and third-party APIs.

Pomodoro Clock

AngularJS 1.5, Webpack

A simple time-management timer based on the Pomodoro Technique. This project was refactored to use Angular's flavor of components.

Spiffy Wikipedia

React, Jest, Enzyme, fetchJsonp, Standard JS, React-Bootstrap, Bootstrap Material


jQuery, Web Audio API

The classic Simon game in JavaScript.

Current Weather

Angular 1.3, Express 4, SCSS, Bootstrap

Quickly fetches the current weather conditions for wherever you find yourself.


jQuery, Semantic UI

A game of Tic Tac Toe against a computer that will let you win sometimes.

JavaScript Calculator

creamy Vanilla JavaScript

A simple JavaScript calculator. This was an exercise in not using jQuery or any other JS library or framework as a crutch.

Quote Generator

jQuery, Handlebars, SCSS, Bootstrap

A few of my favorite quotes offered at random.

Back End

API projects powered by NodeJS and Express 4.

NOTE: The following projects are hosted on Heroku, so the servers are likely sleeping. Allow them a few moments to wake up.


NodeJS, Express 4, MongoDB, Mongoose

Search Imgur for images, and get the results in JSON. Pagination is avaiable.


NodeJS, Express 4, MongoDB, Mongoose

Pass a lengthy URL to this API, and get back a shorter one—served as JSON.


NodeJS, Express 4, Multer

Upload a file to the server, and you'll get a JSON response of the file size.


NodeJS, Express 4

A simple API that will convert Unix timecode (in seconds) to a natural date, or the other way around. Both formats will be returned in a JSON object, as long as the request is valid.


NodeJS, Express 4

Any request will return a JSON object of the client's IP address, language, and operating system.


Quick Intro

I am a JavaScript Developer.

User-focused, developer-friendly, clean, test-aware, honest code is what I strive for, and I take each of those jargony ideas very seriously. The JavaScript ecosystem is getting more exciting by the day, and its true potential is just beginning to mature.

I'm committed to helping open source projects and companies make a lasting impact in people's lives.

ES2015 JavaScript, CSS, HTML5, SASS, some Python

Technologies & Frameworks
React, Redux, Jest, Git, Node, Express 4, MongoDB, Mocha, Angular 1.5 (components!), Bootstrap, Webpack, Gulp, XUbuntu

What I'm Doing

For the past few years, I've been making my way through Free Code Camp, building a wide range of projects, and binging on Front End Masters workshops. Learning to code has been the single hardest undertaking I've ever done, but the deeper I go, the more curious and energized I get about taking on bigger and harder projects . I truly believe the landscape of the web with VR and Web Assembly is about to once again break old patterns in our day to day lives in just a few short years.

I'm currently working through the full stack challenges for Free Code Camp building React/Redux applications powered by Express and MongoDB. Getting a handle on jwt based authentication, server-side rendering, unit-testing, Webpack edge-cases, API design, and database logic has been a roller coaster, but my understanding of the disparate pieces of modern applications are finally starting to coalesce. It's been very humbling to realize the size and scope of what I still need to learn, but that's just the fuel I need.